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My parents wrote a book!

 Did my parents discover an historical fact that's been hidden for 265 years? Am I Catherine the Great's 6th great granddaughter? Maybe or maybe not! We're hoping you'll let us know if you think this theory is true...

Illegitimate Duchess Cover.png

History tells us that Duchess Anna Petrovna, the illegitimate daughter of Catherine the Great and the last King of Poland, Stanislaus Poniatowski, died very young. But what if that story was just another Russian deception and she actually lived? This book is filled with supporting genealogical and historical facts as well as possible theories to consider an alternative story: that Petrovna (now Ann Elizabeth de Daschkopf) came to America, got married, had seven children, settled in a rural pioneer Catholic community in Pennsylvania, reconnected to her childhood friend, Prince Demetrius Gallitzin, and lived to be 98 years old.

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