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"I am absolutely in love with this book!"

"I am absolutely in love with this book!" -Laura K.

"This book is AMAZING! If you have an invisible illness and haven't checked out Jossea Rilea's story/website you're missing out on extremely valuable resources. I am beyond impressed and admire the heart Jossea has put into all of her work. Thank you Jossea for your dedication, valuable insight and creativeness! You've found a way to make having a Thing fun!??" - Ashley, Age 24

"While this appears to be marketed for youth, I personally think it's great for adults as well (I'm 32). The whole concept of the workbook is rather playful & imaginative; however, it also provides a safe space for processing & expressing difficult emotions, thoughts, & experiences related to life with chronic illness. It offers many different avenues for coping with a life-altering illness and learning to befriend the 'Thing' we often perceive as our archenemy. Some of my favorite practices in the workbook include a gratitude bank, negative thought twists (basically an intro to CBT), a goal list, a dream list, visualization exercises, and a page that allows you to design a graphic image of what you think your 'invisible cosmic zebra' might look like. It's a very therapeutic & encouraging workbook. Note: As far as I understand, each workbook has the same template, no matter the illness on the front (i.e. MCAS, Crohn's, CFS, etc)." - KT, Age 32

"Wasn't feeling good today so I curled up on the couch and colored. This book is amazing! Every zebra, spoonie, etc. needs this book! -Anna, The Artsy Zebra, Age 13

"Brilliant! WOW! I LOVE IT!! It's perfect. It has exactly what is needed when you feel that ill. You really captured it." -Kim, Licensed LCSW


"I received your marvelous book—Thank you! It is a stroke of pure genius! -Barbara, in her 60s

"I have a chronic illness myself but also am a child life e-volunteer. Your book is truly going to make a difference in the years to come. I wish I had such a book when I was in my pediatric years." -Katrina, Age 24

"Recommended for all the Spoonies in Spoonie Land!" - K, Age 32

"This book is amazing! I suffer from depression. My 8 year old son has anxiety and OCD and I know that he would benefit from these books. I think it would be great if EVERY CLASSROOM has them for kids to learn about this and understand better that illness is not always visible." -Sarah A.

"I'm a huge believer in making time for journaling, reading and creating. This book allowed me to discover and organize so much about myself, my condition, my doctors, my support community and additional techniques that I was not aware of. If you know someone with a chronic condition, share this to help!" -Ashley P.

"You've thought through nearly every aspect of how your Thing affects your life and ways to live positively. Thank you for this gift." -Megan B.

"I suffer from a couple of invisible illnesses and so does my daughter, these would all be great to have!!" -Lynda C.

"Fantastic book (I have many zebras of my own) could've done with these years ago!" - Amanda R.

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