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"Bringing JOY and HOPE to Young People With Chronic Illnesses"

What is This Thing?

YOU GOT THIS THING is a creative self-care journal to inspire young people (ages 13+) living with any "Thing" (any ailment, disability, disease, disorder, illness, injury or syndrome) to dream big and follow their bliss...

You Got This Thing Cover.png


If you have ever felt overwhelmed or clueless about how to navigate through life while living with any kind of "Thing" (any ailment, disability, disease, disorder, illness, injury or syndrome), this creative self-care journal is for you.

Written from a non-medical perspective, this journal helps young people understand the many non-medical challenges they might encounter after diagnosis. The journal is full of positive thoughts, coping methods, creative visualizations, coloring pages, lovable "Things" who give comforting advice and a fun art project that aims to bring HOPE, LOVE and JOY to those who need it the most.

"Thank you for creating this! It brought so much joy into my life!"
- Hannah, Age 17

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